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Stardoll ya no dará los Stardollars Diarios, sólo los Play&Earn, pero, ¿No es limitado? Claro que sí, así que llegara tal punto en que nos quedemos sin dinero, ya no podremos comprar nada de nada. Pero Stardoll está seguro de que no es asi, recibí el siguiente mensaje de Stardoll:

Hola,El servicio 1 Stardollar por día se ha acabado. No obstante todavía puedes ganar hasta 5 Stardollars cada día con Play & Earn.Sabemos que hay muchas socias que están decepcionadas. En Stardoll intentamos cambiar el contenido a menudo y actualizar los juegos de vez en cuando. Ya verás que pronto aparecerán otros juegos y otras funciones que también te gustarán.
El personal de Stardoll


Como verán, SI habrá dinero, pero falta tiempo.
Por eso, enviá esta carta, que publicó el blog One Stardoll Per Day, Please!, al personal de Stardoll:

Dear Stardoll Team:

I’m writing to you, because all the changes that have happened to Stardoll have just passed the limits!The lost of the 1 stardollar per day campaign is just too much for us to take.Just a few months ago, a new member could get 4 rooms, not just one and had a stardollar per day, along with play and earn.I know you need money to keep the site fun and up to date. But, even if we pay, things keep growing expensive. There are a lot of people who can’t afford to pay a superstar membership, or simply choose not to pay real money for online things, and now, these users may simply leave stardoll altogether.Unless all non-SS items are massively repriced to 5sd and below so that we can buy them, it will be impossible for non-superstars to buy anything in starplaza.Even superstars will lose their satisfaction in the site if they spend real money, only to find they STILL don’t have enough for that new outfit. It could easily get so frustrating that they stop spending altogether, meaning more customer loss.In your own help section you discuss spending limits, and how they teach users to be responsible consumers. Did you not think the 1sd per day campaign applied that to non-SS users too? With 1sd a day, we too learned to save and spend wisely, even if it was just virtual money. Without it, were not learning how to spend wisely, losing the educational aspect of your site. If a child isn’t learning anything being a free user, why would a parent pay for them to keep using the site?And what about your advertisers? Will they be willing to campaign to users ALREADY spending their money on virtual items? Places like Kohls, Brands like Baby Phat, and even Toy and Video game makers want us to buy their real life items. It’s no help to them if we spend our money to buy virtual versions rather than their real products. And if your 40 million members drops dramatically with the loss of non-paying users, your advertisers will lose interest altogether.So I’m asking you to do something about this. Play and Earn paired with 1 stardollar a day were just enough for us non-SS members to be able to buy things, and be able to save for even bigger items. After all, we, the members made this site big and known, and if we leave, what will you have left?

Thank You,

(Stardoll Name)


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